There are four steps to fully unlocking knowledge from your data:

  1. Extract pertinent data from existing systems
  2. Transform the data to make it useful for analysis
  3. Present the data in easily understandable ways
  4. Learn how to do it yourself

Many products provide user-defined reporting or extraction utilities.  Others require customers to learn Structured Query Language.  Data2KN is skilled at using both.

Rate: $200 per hour or project pricing

Once extracted, data wlil need to be transformed to make it usable by presentation software, such as Power BI or Excel.

Often data will come from multiple source and need to be “joined” or “matched”.

Rate: $200 per hour

Data must be presented the right way for the audience.  Data2Kn uses Excel to create static, printable reports and Power BI to create dynamic dashboards.

Rate: $200 per hour

NetObjects Fusion Essentials
NetObjects Fusion Essentials

Data2Kn will take you through the process of creating your own reports and dashboards, step by step and using your own systems.

Rate: $100 per hour / student

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